Bardjus eksport færøerne


The curve for frozen juice is increasing and this is felt in particular abroad, where Danish quality is in demand.


Although the raw materials are not Danish, our freshly squeezed juice is of a high Danish quality standard. At BARDJUS, we focus on good craftsmanship.


We select the best citrus fruits according to the season and gently press them to reduce the bitterness from the citrus peel. The freshly pressed juice is 100% natural and untreated. That means no additives or pasteurization. In addition, the juice is filtered twice, resulting in less pulp and a purer juice. The juice is adapted to cocktails, gastronomy or beverage and food producers.


Clementine juice in season


At BARDJUS, we focus on our customer service, which means that we are happy to meet special requests. In December, a large delivery of organic clementine juice was sent to the Faroe Islands. A major hotel chain wanted to offer their customers organic clementine juice in December. This could be done when the raw materials were in season. It is a significant factor when we produce juices that are not in our standard range that the raw materials are in season. It creates the best quality that we are not willing to compromise on. 

If you have a special request in addition to lime juice, lemon juice or ginger juice, do not hesitate to contact us. Find phone number and contact form at the link below.



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